About GFFview

More and more eukaryotic genomes have been extensively annotated owe to the increasing evidences by RNA-seq technology. Annotation information of genome is always stored as plain text in General Feature Format (GFF) format, which could be hundreds or thousands Mb in size. Therefore, it is a challenge for manipulating GFF file for biologists without bioinformatic skill. Here, we provide a web server (GFFview) for parsing annotation information of genome and generating the statistical description of six indicesfor visualization. GFFview is very useful for analyzing quality and difference of the de novo assembled transcriptome in RNA-seq studies.

use GFFview

The GFFview can be used freely online here.

Paper of GFFview

Feilong Deng, Shi-Yi Chen , Zhou-Lin Wu , Yongsong Hu , Xianbo Jia , Song-Jia Lai*. GFFview: a web server for parsing and visualizing annotation information of eukaryotic genome, 2017. (Online)